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Our Story

Did you know that 2 million shoes end up in landfill each week in the UK alone?

And children's shoes contribute significantly
to this problem.

Including Stuart's daughter, Leila. He was constantly bemoaning to Gary (our co-founders) how quickly Leila's feet outgrew her new shoes...that she’d only worn twice and now destined for the bin.

Gary, a graphic designer in the fashion industry, knew that comfort, looks and sustainability had to go hand-in-hand, but the amount of waste was out of control.

The duo lost their jobs during the pandemic. Mercifully, Leila was still having lunchtime naps (😬) so during this 37 minute window, the team asked themselves…“how do we make the Immortal Sneaker?” and eventually
The Dubs Universe was born

Dubs is a kid's apparel company with design, technology, fun and circularity at its heart.

When we began, we looked at the kids footwear market. There were a lot of great products but we saw a gap for a modern parent whose priorities have shifted towards greater sustainability and a more conscious consumption.

So we set out to answer three questions...

Can we make a product that looks great but also looks after little growing feet?

Can we do something to reduce the amount of waste we are adding to the planet?

Can we make a sneaker that's exciting for kids, but is also parent-practical?

These 3 pillars guided the creation of Dubs, the tone of the brand and the design of our first sneaker,

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