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Q. Is The Loop Lite machine washable?
A. Yes! 30 degrees or hand-wash cycle.
However, for best results. we recommend hand-washing, with a little soapy water. It’s quicker, they come up cleaner and it's a little bit kinder to the planet!

Q. Is The Loop Lite suitable for kids with wide feet?
A. Yes! Each size is individually graded and fitted from scratch and has the fitting and growing room to allow for natural growth and movement. The lightweight and flexible flyknit material, plus our window toebox ensures kids' toes are protected and not squashed, making them perfect for kids with wide feet

Q. What materials do you use?
A. We have constructed the Loop Lite using the most low-impact, planet-friendly materials we can get our hands-on.

The upper is made from recycled plastic bottles and then fly-knit into shape. 
The sole is made from Sugarcane

Find out more by reading Our Materials page

Q. Are they designed for kids feet?
Absolutely. We know how important comfort and fit are for children's growing feet. So rather than use "off-the-shelf" soles and uppers, we've worked with world-class children's footwear designers, technicians and fitters, and invested in building the shoe from the ground up.

Find out more by reading our Designed for Kids page

Q. What size should I get?
Our shoes measure true-to-size. Please Refer to our Size Chart

Q. I want to send my shoes to Sals Shoes?
A. This is great news. You are starting your circular journey and helping those kids who needs shoes the most!

You can find all the information on how to do this on our Circularity page

Q. How are you sustainable?
Everybody's talking about sustainability and at times it can feel like our hectic lives are incompatible with our concern for the environment. The truth is, despite the challenges, there are lots we can do and extending the life of what we purchase is a big part of that. That's why our journey doesn't end when you've bought our sneaks.

The Loop Lite is constructed using the most low-impact, planet-friendly materials we can get our hands on and we are proud partners of Sals Shoes whose mission is to reduce global shoe poverty. Every air of outgrown Loop Lites can be returned, for free, using the original packaging to Sals Shoes.

Then the team at Sal's get to work. They refurbish and package our sneaks ready to go on to their next adventure, with another little kid ready to run, jump, play and explore. 🥰 This is circularity at work: giving our product a new lease of life and saving it from landfill!

Find out more by reading our Materials and our Circularity pages

Q. What are your future plans?

A. We're at the very beginning of our journey. We're only small, but we are working very hard, partnering with some uber-smart people to ensure we do all we can to produce the most planet-friendly kids' and sustainable kids sneakers the universe has ever seen.

Eventually, we'd love to refurbish outgrown sneakers and re-sell them, reducing our manufacturing footprint and keeping them in circulation for longer. Or even grind them down and create new products - a Dubs lunchbox anyone?

Q. Do you ship outside the UK?
Not at the moment. But we can make exceptions! Please contact

Q. How much does shipping cost?
We currently only ship with in the UK. All orders will be delivered through Evri (formerly Hermes) tracked 48hrs at a cost of £5

Q. When will you ship my order and when will it arrive?
A. Depending on the time of day the order is placed, orders are normally shipped on the same day or on the next day. All orders will be delivered through Evri (formerly Hermes) tracked 48hrs

Little sneaks. Big planet.