How we fell in love with Sneakers

How we fell in love with Sneakers

I love sneakers (sneakers, trainers, kicks, runners…creps, or whatever you want to call them!) LOVE them. Air Max 90s – I used to dream about them.

Growing up I could never afford them, but that didn’t stop my obsession with them.

The silhouette and design was just 😍, and imagine walking on an air bubble!

I eventually got a pair when I saved up enough pocket money from working a weekend job at Sainsbury's. I can still feel the nerves as I strolled into Croydon to make that purchase.

These sneaks were like nothing I'd ever laid eyes on, let alone worn before. You know that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Charlie takes that tiny, deliberate bite of his chocolate bar, savouring every moment? Well, picture that, but with me as I slowly slipped my foot into them! It was a whole mood.

Trainers are probably the most iconic and versatile of all fashion items. They stand as the holy grail of our generation's vibe. Originally designed for practical purposes, they have become high-fashion items and are more than just footwear. 

They're icons in the fashion game, pushing the boundaries of style, innovation, and letting you express yourself in ways other shoes can't.

They can be art for your feet, a canvas where designers, artists, and music legends collaborate to create the best styles. Sneakers are now woven into culture, more so than any other fashion item.

And let's not forget, they're the go-to for adventures and fun or...climbing trees! I mean, you can’t climb trees in your school shoes. Well, you can, but if your Mum was like my mum, you’d be in so much trouble it if you bashed them up.

Sadly, I grew up in the ‘throw away” generation. I didn’t dare be caught wearing old, dirty shoes…think of my street cred! So, they got lobbed in the bin. They are probably still rotting away in a landfill in Croydon somewhere. I’d give anything to have those shoes back now.

So, when Leila, my daughter (and our chief wear tester) rocked up, one of my first presents for “her” (me) was pair of sneaks.

She looked great, rocking these iconic styles around nursery and soft play. However, I didn’t really know about foot health and how important shoe comfort and fit was. The leather (if it was leather) was so tough, the shoes had no flexibility in them. And the toe box was super narrow. SO much so, it ended up deforming her little toe nail! (it’s much better now!)

I was genuinely shocked and taken back by the poor quality of these shoes. I thought there must be a trainer brand that address this. What I found were brands specialising in children's foot health, but the styles were so bland, not the iconic silhouettes I grew up loving. 

I wanted my daughter to be wearing trainers that I would be proud to wear myself. And sadly, the ones that looked the dopest were the ones that were shrunk down adult styles, with zero care children's foot heath, growth or comfort.

So when the opportunity came to launch Dubs, I was determined to design the most stylish and most comfortable kids shoes possible. Styles that would evoke the same feeling I had when dreaming about sneakers. But actually, designed for growing feet. 

And with the picture of my Air Max 90s, rotting away in a dump somewhere in Croydon, etched firmly in my mind, I knew these trainers would also have to be as sustainable as possible.

And that was the main inspiration for launching Dubs with the Loop Lite, our debut trainer. The most comfortable, stylish and sustainable kids trainer the Universe has ever seen.

For me, sneakers are not merely shoes; they are cultural icons. Each iconic design represents where we are in time. They represent more than just a fashion statement or functional footwear; they are a symbol of our identity, they represent the generations new and old, and….well, they just look great!

So why not treat kids shoes the same? Enter Dubs!

Blog written by Stuart Davis; co-founder, Dubs

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